WhatsApp Mentions The Ability To Edit Sent Chats And There Will Be An Edit Button

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Not all chat messages sent via WhatsApp cannot be edited or edited.

When you accidentally make a misspelling, the only way is to delete the corrected message and resend it.

It will be very difficult.

It is believed that in the future this method will be easier.

Because we believe WhatsApp is working on a newer feature in the form of an edit chat button.

The edit button allows the user to edit the sent message.

This interesting fact was shared on WABetaInfo, a page that often shares leaked WhatsApp features that have not been officially released.

The ability to edit messages sent from Android, iOS and desktop devices has been reported.

The text message editing feature will introduce the edit chat button later.

Based on the shared screenshot, when the user taps (long press) on the chat they want to edit, the Edit Chat button appears.

Then the menu appears “About “, “Copy “, “Edit ” in the upper left corner.

If you select the “Edit” menu, a spelling error message automatically appears in the chat input field.

The user can then edit the message and add words or emoticons.

WABetaInfo demonstrates a feature that does not include edit history to view previous messages in this feature.

It’s not clear if this feature is currently in development.

Other details are still unknown, including what the message will look like once edited, when exactly the message will be edited, and when the feature will be tested on users.

Also, when the text message editing feature is released, it is still unknown.

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