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Hello guys, David is here and this is Rayban Stories. These glasses are the result of the collaboration between Rayban and Facebook. And inside these glasses 2 cameras are already embedded that are ready to record what’s in front of them. Don’t you see the camera? This.

.. yes. I think your distance from me is about 2 meters. Maybe someone already noticed.

But for those of you who haven’t Bal, try zooming in here, the camera is here. Now it should look pretty good, right, like a black bullet.

It’s only natural that you don’t realize it, because the shape of the camera is kept to a minimum, so it doesn’t interfere with the design of the glasses themselves. It’s a shame that these glasses are already expensive, around 4 million if the official price is outside. Not to mention if there are those who sell imports in Indonesia .

The price will definitely increase again. Like me, got it at 8 million. Very expensive 2 times the fall. It’s just that I’ve been really curious about this Rayban Stories. Glasses with cameras, although that’s not new.

From a long time ago, there was something called Google Glass but the shape looked too sophisticated, like a robot. It’s been discontinued too. Yes, the person who wears it, it definitely looks weird.

So different. Then there was also the time, Snapchat Spectacles.

The days before IG Story and TikTok. Snapchat has released glasses too. Even now there is something new, I just found out. But the shape of the glasses..

. gosh… so big.

And the one who wears it, it definitely looks tacky. So, when Rayban Stories came out, I immediately wanted to try it. This shape makes the person wearing it doesn’t look weird or tacky. what is there is even more handsome. One of the very important points for glasses , is the style clear, right?

Until there is a theory that the shape of the face is how the glasses fit. Until there is knowledge itself is so important style. If people are confused about choosing glasses, it must be because of the many choices of models. If it’s a question of mines or something, it’s been fixed. So Rayban Stories has fulfilled this very important requirement.

The most that needs to be written down, even though these are expensive glasses, are all plastic materials. It doesn’t feel expensive at all when you hold it. the handles are also slightly thicker than regular glasses. But it doesn’t make it weird. This is the Wayfarer series.

There is also another rounded frame shape, it’s Round. Whether there is one more type called Meteor. We can choose the color, and the type of lens also varies. Want to be customized using a minus lens or whatever, but that’s overseas, right? If it’s imported, I’ll just follow what the seller sells.

Choose the coolest among the ones he sells.

I bought these Rayban Stories at Tokopedia. If you want to look for items that are a bit rare, even if I look outside, usually Tokopedia is also available. Moreover, the common ones such as cellphones, food speakers, something like that, must exist. If you want to find anything, just go there.

there is also WIB right now. Indonesian Shopping Time which gives discounts of up to 90% and Free Shipping for a minimum transaction of 10 thousand, until the end of the month. So for those who are looking for something, now is the right time. I’ve put the link to the Tokopedia below. Well, Rayban Stories is the glasses that have a camera once again but it doesn’t look like it has a camera.

Isn’t that dangerous? Can it be used for silent recording? It’s really bad when there’s someone we want to worry about but they hear it while wearing glasses.

Oh! Yes, please, tell me more.

Who do you not like earlier? It’s a bummer. Rayban and Facebook also know about this, let alone Facebook’s reputation regarding privacy. Obviously not good, right. I’m sure people would be suspicious.

That’s why they give some signs when the glasses are recording something. And you have to pay close attention so you don’t miss it. First, if someone wants to record something with the glasses, he or she must first activate the camera using the button on the top right. If you press it once, the glasses will start recording a video for a maximum of 30 seconds and if you hold down the button it will take 1 photo. So if the hand that’s wearing it is already touching the hilt of the glasses, be careful, but.

.. The problem is, there’s another way to activate the camera, you don’t have to use this button. He can also be controlled using voice commands. Just say “Hey Facebook, take a video” He will immediately walk.

Can’t whisper either. In an age when everyone wears a mask, yes, it will be easier to keep silent, yes.

It’s the same as 30 photos before the battery runs out. If the battery runs out, just charge it in the casing, there is a magnetic connector for charging.

The case can charge the glasses up to 3 times and to charge the case, use a type C connector. The maximum capacity of video files and photos that can be accommodated by this Rayban Stories. It can fit up to 4GB. If it’s full, we have to move it to HP so he can relax again. use the Facebook View app name.

we have to download the apk on the web. It can’t be in the Play Store or App Store because the region in Indonesia has not been covered. It’s just easy to find the apk. He’ll be fine and no problem. Well The so-called advanced technology is bound to always be controversial.

Autopilot technology in cars, smart speakers that can monitor our conversation, 5G is just a fuss about people.

If you want to see the ugly, there must be something you can tie. Even the ones that aren’t bad are julidin. Including these Rayban Stories. My tip is if you meet someone who wears glasses like this, it’s normal.

By the way… “Wow, Rayban Stories here” Let him know that you know. Can’t be different.

If you want to talk for a long time and most importantly, ask him to just let it go.

Put it in your bag if you need to. Let me know if you are not comfortable. Except..

. if you don’t mind the friend who uses it, the person you are talking about is relaxed. Yes, if you really believe in the person. Just adjust it. Although these glasses clearly have negative potential, I personally still really like these glasses.

Rayban Stories is a super practical tool for capturing the moments that we want to save. No need to bother taking out HP anymore and he can also give a unique point of view right? First person point of view. It’s like recording with your own eyes. For the quality of the photos themselves, obviously it won’t be as good as HP.

But it’s still pretty good, the quality is roughly like 2 million HP. What I love is just the spec ratio. only 1:1. 1184×1184 pixels for videos. Feels a bit cramped.

Not like the eye. While for photos he can actually 4:3, 2592x1944pixel. Maybe the processor doesn’t pick up time to record that high. In addition to capturing Rayban Stories moments, we can also use it to listen to phone music Just like a headset. Because he has 2 small speakers, and 3 microphones.

The sound quality is pretty good. If you often listen to songs that do n’t have much bass, they are enjoyable. But if there’s a lot of bass it feels a bit weak. Especially when listening to music, Bose Frame is still good, which we discussed at that time. At that time I said he was cool for cycling and other things.

But right… Rayban Stories is a more complete package. If you want to listen while you want to listen to a song while cycling, you can.

If you want to record a video while cycling, you can. No need to use buttons. Just tell Facebook while cycling or hand activities that are more complicated.

Very cool.

id Even though the dislike can’t be seen anymore, we can see it and it’s important. There are still people who can still do it..

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