Vespa X Justin Bieber Release 2022, All White!

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Justin Bieber’s 2022 Vespa collaboration will delight Italian scooter fans. The reason, the news of their collaboration has long been rumored. Now, the collaboration between the two has become a reality.

Like other special edition Vespas, this motorbike has its own characteristics. Especially in the coloring area which makes the Vespa different from the usual alternatives. The Vespa Justin Bieber 2022 collaboration extends to the all-white Vespa Spirit.

Vespa Justin Bieber 2022

Not only white is the dominant color, but several details make this motorbike a unique characteristic. No wonder this motorbike is one of the most valuable future Vespa kits. Check out the following reviews.

1. All White

Vespa Justin Bieber 2022 is one of the special edition motorcycles sold by Vespa. This time the Italian manufacturer emphasized the use of white for the Vespa Sprint motorcycle. It is present not only in the body, but also in several components.

The white color seems to dominate every aspect of this limited edition Vespa Sprint. As a signature, Vespa also includes a graphic image of fire with gray accents. This fiery graphic is on the fenders and side body with the words “Justin Bieber”.

The use of white is also widespread on the wheels. Then the Vespa was paved with white side tires aka white walls. Not only that, the exhaust cap is also white.

The dominance of white is also present on the seats. The leather seats on this motorbike are all white. A touch of black is added to the stitching as a sweetener. Other parts that also become white are the handlebars, stirrups and rear view mirrors.

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2. Three engine options

Interestingly, the 2022 Vespa Justin Bieber is also available with several engine options. This special edition motorcycle will reportedly be available in 50cc, 125cc, and 150cc engines.

To choose the 125cc engine, the maximum power is 10.19hp at 7600rpm and 10.2Nm of torque at 6000rpm. The 150cc engine is capable of producing a maximum power of 11.6 hp at 7,500 rpm and 12 Nm of torque at 5,000 rpm.

For Indonesia, the 2022 Vespa Justin Bieber is believed to be based on the Vespa Sprint with a 150cc i-get ABS engine.

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3. How much is the three-digit price?

Vespa often sells special editions at low prices, and the 2022 Vespa Justin Bieber is no exception. However, Vespa has not officially announced the official price of this white dominant motorcycle.

If you refer to Sean Wotherspoon’s Vespa Primavera, this red and yellow motorbike is priced at Rp. 85 million at launch. Doubling the regular version of the Vespa Primavera for IDR 44 million. This means the price difference is doubled.

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For comparison, the Vespa Sprint 150 i-get ABS is only available at a price of IDR 5070. So, if you can guess, this Vespa x Justin Bieber is priced at IDR 100 million.

Vespa x Justin Bieber will be released in the European market on April 20, 2022. While in Indonesia, the motorbike will be inaugurated at the same time as Justin Bieber’s concert. The concert will be held on September 2-3.

So what do you think of Justin Bieber’s 2022 Vespa?

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