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Trader Train Emotions Cuaw
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INDFuacet — Aline Wiratmaja reminded the need for an emergency fund that must be held in the amount of at least 6 times the amount of expenses per month, a financial planner said that there is no special ratio for someone to become a full time trader in order to be cuaw with emotions train.

“But if we are just starting out in the market, from the book I read, for example, ‘trading for living’. That said that many people feel that capital is the determining factor for their success in the market. Even if our level is still pioneering. To achieve consistent gains, capital is not the main determinant,” said Aline in d’mentor Thursday (20/7).

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Aline further explained that the factors that need to be considered include money management, loss control, and risk management. In addition, like a business, a prospective trader also needs to be able to control his emotions. This relates to the speed and accuracy of decision making when experiencing dynamics in the stock market.

The nominal capital, according to Aline, really depends on the lifestyle of the trader himself. Referring to the experience of Daniel Liem, one of the resource persons at d’Mentor, a person can invest 90% of his wealth in the stock market, as long as the securities funds can still be maintained and managed.

“From my income it is only used 5-10%. So 90% of it I always put into all stocks. Until now, I still have 90% of it in stock. Only now I’m starting to shift some to safe assets for backup later if something happens,” said Daniel.

Tips so that you don’t get trapped in the stock market, train trader emotions to be cuaw

Jakarta – The appearance of money from social media portfolios can make FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) novice traders. Learn from the experience of professional traders, never entrust stock options to others.
“Personally, I didn’t like it when I was studying, I never joined a recommendation group, people always don’t believe that if you want to enter a stock, you don’t want to follow the average person,” said full-time trader Daniel Lim at the d’Mentor detikcom event, Thursday (21 /7/2022).

Daniel suspects that those who have a stock recommendation group cannot be separated from certain goals. Therefore, for beginners who want to enter, it is better to learn by doing their own analysis. Quoted from .

“Analyze yourself, how do you do it? what makes the stock go up? what news? what sentiment?,” Daniel added.

In line with Daniel

In line with Daniel, Riyan Syahfikri full time trader also advised not to enter the stock recommendation group. Because the stock options offered are not necessarily accurate.

“You don’t have to join the group so that the market itself teaches, you have to get sick first being beaten by the market,” continued Daniel.

Riyan said that everyone has their own trading style based on knowledge and experience. He admits, so far trading is based on existing news.

“You have to read a lot of news, update news every day, for example, if today’s stocks are rising, why are oil stocks rising, why did oil stocks rise last night, world oil rose, that’s all. So, you have to read a lot of news and then analyze why it goes up, so that it doesn’t get flooded,” said Riyan.

Riyan said in determining the choice of stocks with technical and fundamental analysis. Because the two things are interconnected.

“Fundamentally if there is news, if not the news is usually technical,” said Riyan.

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