The Spread Of The Secret Of Monkeypox Is A Warning To The World

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Edinburgh – Outbreaks of monkeypox are currently increasing in countries where the virus is not usually found or is endemic.

Of course this makes global health officials increasingly wary.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Wednesday.

“Currently, more than 643 cases of monkeypox virus are found in many countries where the virus is not unique,” said Tedros.

And according to the CNN page (March 6, 2022), the virus has been spreading for decades in several places, including parts of West and Central Africa. In a preliminary study published this week, scientists at the Institute for Evolutionary Biology at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, explain how the genotypes they looked at indicated that “there has been constant” human-to-human transmission since at least 2017.”

Meanwhile, Michael Warby, an evolutionary biologist and professor at the University of Arizona in the US, who was not involved in the research, said it showed that “this outbreak has been local for a long time.” The virus is known. endemic;

This shows that the world has failed to protect people in resource-limited areas because the virus is unique and controlled at its source long before it eventually spreads throughout the world.

“This is actually a story about two outbreaks. We need to turn our attention to where it’s spread and pay attention to this population, just as we care about what’s happening in every country in the world.”

He then argued that there were factors that led him to believe that monkeypox could become an epidemic in countries outside of West and Central Africa.

If research continues to reveal that the virus has spread from humans, i.e. animals, more widely than previously thought, then the ‘very good question’ is why the world doesn’t believe monkey chickenpox could become an epidemic. Is it widespread beyond West and Central Africa?

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