The Entrance Ticket Price For Borobudur Temple Will Increase To IDR 750,000 Member Of Parliament: Ask Kemenparekraf First What Happened?

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The increase in entrance fees for Borobudur Temple is the responsibility of the regional government (Pemda) or the related tourism office, said . Desi Ratnasari, PAN (National Mandate Party) Faction.

The reason is that the entrance ticket to Borobudur Temple was increased to Rp. 750,000 for local residents and US$ 100 for foreign tourists.

said Daisy when met on Sunday (5/6/2022) at the PAN DPP office, South Jakarta.

Daisy explained that if the issue of increasing Borobudur ticket prices became a national issue, the Indonesian House of Representatives would intervene.

He admitted that he would ask the people around Borobudur to respond to the increase in ticket prices.

He added, “So don’t take one place at the national level. Because it can be handled by local governments, can be solved, and there is no need to even mention national problems.”

Previously, Maritime Investment Coordinator Luhut Binsar Pandjitan restricted visitors to Borobudur Temple and imposed new tariffs on foreign tourist tickets to Borobudur and local tourist tickets to Borobudur Temple.

Domestic visitors or non-moderate domestic tourists must pay an entrance ticket to Borobudur of Rs.750,000 per person.

Luhut said the entrance ticket to Borobudur Temple had to be reduced to Rp. 750,000.

The new Borobudur entrance ticket aims to attract 1,200 tourists per day to the Buddhist temple.

On the other hand, Luhut said foreign tourists must pay an entrance ticket of 100 dollars or Rp. 1,443,000,000 (exchange rate of 1 million won in local currency) for tickets to Borobudur.

“We agree and plan to limit the quota of tourists who want to visit Borobudur Temple to 1,200 per day,” said Loht, Saturday (6 April 2022), citing his Instagram account.

He said, “Borobudur Temple entrance tickets (Borobudur Temple entrance tickets) of 100 dollars are provided for foreign tourists, 750,000 rupees for domestic tourists, and 5,000 rupees specifically for students (Borobudur temple entrance tickets) are provided.”

Luhut admitted that there was a strong reason to increase the entrance fee to the Borobudur Temple, which is located in the Magelang area, Central Java.

“This step (increasing the entrance ticket to Borobudur) is only done to preserve the rich history and culture of the archipelago,” said Lohut.

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