The Double Count Violation In Jakarta Is Only 13 Points, What Is The Fine?

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The Tanggerang Provincial Government has increased the odd and even geometric area from 13 points to 26 points.

Work on applying odd and even geometries to 13 new points began on Monday (6 June 2022) early June.

The addition of 13 new double points in Jakarta refers to Pergub Pergub 88 2019.

However, the implementation of singles and multiples in the new 13 points is still experimental. Meanwhile, 13 archaeological sites and even archaeological sites are already active and action continues to be taken against road users who violate.

Single double experience with new 13 points

Gakkum Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya Deputy Director AKBP Jamal Alam said, the total number of odd and even lanes in Jakarta currently amounts to 26 sections.

This total includes 13 new odd-even points being tested.

The new 13-point evens test will take place from 6-12 June 2022. Drivers violating odd and even geometries during the probationary period will not be penalized.

“His actions are in the form of warnings and appeals, especially in the 13 new measurement areas,” Jamal told , Monday (6 June 2022).

However, currently 13 odd and even branches in Jakarta are still in the process of submitting tickets or the Electronic Transportation Act (ETLE).

Tanggerang’s new 13 double points are:

Single double pass with new 13 points

Jamal said the ticket or ETLE for drivers who violated the singles and doubles numbers in the new 13 points would not be subject to a fine during the trial period.

However, the police will continue to take action in the form of warnings and reprimands.

The new 13-point ticket will not be issued until the trial period ends.

“Etle ticket claims begin on June 13, 2022,” said Jamal.

Based on this information, the new 13-point penalty will take effect from June 13, 2022.

Previously, the extension of 13 odd and even points was only socialized on May 25 – June 5, 2022.

Violations of the previous 13 points will still be dealt with.

Although the new 13 odd and even points are still being applied empirically, Jamal guarantees that even and odd engineering work can still be carried out on the old 13 points.

Drivers who violate the odd and even geometry in the previous 13 points will still be subject to a TICKET or ETLE.

“The old thirteen roads are still active and work is still going on with tickets or ETLE,” said Jamal.

Here are 13 old points that were carried out with single and pair activities.

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