Testing The Cummins Mustang’s Towing Capacity

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guys i never thought it was going to happen but we’re in a movie set right now guys we’re out here with the smokes thing they got to see that shark they want me to try to pull with it this is between two rides hey the rest of it works great [Laughter] all right guys here’s the thing if you might have seen last time we rolled a hitch onto the back of the smokestaying and we are going to california to pull something really insane and the thing is before we go out there and see if we can pull a cement truck we need to see if we can pull something else big to even see if the car will do it good thing is i got something big to pull as you can see this is our big yellow school bus right the engines at the back of this bad boy and the last time i had it out i went off roading in it and when i did that i uh i kind of screwed it up because you see that exhaust pipe right there underneath the engine well we kind of bottomed out the bus right on a creek bank and we ended up squeezing the exhaust pipe all the way shut but this is a perfect time for some redneck science give me a second let me go get my sauce off oh yes oh my god wow it’s been a hot minute since i’ve used it dude you know there’s nothing quite like cutting the muffler off of your caterpillar school bus if that ain’t redneck science i don’t know what it is oh god oh come on dang it i’m looking don’t make me look like an amateur zazar over here there we go all right perfect that’s just oh yeah she’s gonna sound so much better after that i think i don’t remember but i think i can start the engine back here you kind of sound like you’re not running real great but it’s fine we ain’t gonna worry about that at all we fixed all this and we’re not even going to use the engine that would have been the perfect excuse to pull it with the smoke thing don’t worry we’re still going to pull it with the smoke tank it’s fine no okay i’m losing my hat here’s the thing like i said we’re going to california and they want the smoke sting to pull something really really big and heavy so before we go out there make a fool of ourselves i figured we’d try to pull this thing along this road real quick and see if we can actually do it good thing is we’re all to hitch on the back of this bad boy we got a tow strap and we got a big thing to pull we need to know for good scientifical information whether this is going to work or not oh man it looks like it was designed to be pulled by this i guess there ain’t nothing else to do except to see if it’ll do it or not i don’t know we’ll find it let’s see holy [ __ ] dude i’m getting ready to try to pull a school bus from the smokestack is it gonna work uh probably not but are we still gonna try we have to for red next time oh oh my holy holy hell she’s a tow truck boys did you guys see that oh my god she’s a tow truck okay you know what i’ll say it that was a pretty good test i think it’ll pull whatever we need to pull but this literally weighs half the weight of a cement truck like a fully dressed c metro it’s like 40 000.


This is like 20. it did really good with this so i’m happy with that all right i guess the next time you’ll see us we’re in california guys i never thought it was going to happen but we’re in a movie set right now look it’s bates motel we’re out here with ebay motors they want us to bring the smokes thing out to do some stupid stuff so we got it here it’s running right now and i think we’re gonna do some birdhouse we’re gonna tug of wars we’re gonna race the cops over there the cops don’t know it yet but we’re going to dude they ain’t never seen nothing like this we fire this thing up there’s a crowd people like hold on this most interesting thing we’ve seen all week have you had any other interesting cars out here yesterday we had a 1200 horsepower corvette day before that we had a all right now here we’re gonna ask the important question which one was the coolest oh by far the smokestack oh my man my man i’m gonna go take your hair makeup go get you some food get you going i think though i’m gonna get you put this thing in place and said it because i was told you’re the only one to drive it what are they going to do with hair and makeup they go put makeup on me you usually don’t wear makeup not during the daytime what the [ __ ] is that what is that what the hell is that he can’t read he doesn’t know what he says can i just take a little picture of you head to toe so i can send it to them get a paper you’re gonna need a wide angle lens let me post if you’d like to let me just get approvals and i will let you know if you need to change anything but it looks good to me okay cool sparkling natural is that the water that tastes like coke without the coke flavor yeah that’s not good it’s like coke without the flavor it’s not good hi i’m maddie makeup artist well i feel sorry for you can you make me look like brad pitt hell yeah okay cool i’m gonna pin your hair back real quick you can turn towards me okay done okay so what are we doing i’m gonna put some of this like green stuff are you going to turn into the hole it cancels out redness it’s like across from the green i felt like there was like an evil person by me cut off all of his hair are we done yes okay holy sh she did photoshop me bro i had a pimple right there i swear it’s gone bro this is weird look at many people they got here just record the spoon standers i don’t know i can’t count that but at least 10.


We’re on location you’re in the background okay sounds good this is between two and she’s gonna introduce the show they pick in size they crossing the line i stick to the truth i’m one of a kind give it a go don’t follow his signs now all of a sudden i’m stuck in my pocket the last time that i took somebody else’s mustang might have burned down oh that’s fine [Music] [Music] not like that insane it’s insane how much the car like felt like you just loved that yeah it wasn’t what it’s made for it’s what it is made for it’s made for fun like that quiet on set here we go see 307 take three westin montgomery champion and i do what do i do i make videos for the internet i bought my first truck for 181 so after that i bought that and then i traded my four-wheeler for a car trailer and then i started buying old cars and parting them out and selling the parts and stuff off them scrapping the rest and then i started cutting firewood and then whenever it would get cold i would go haul wood to people in the wintertime start making money that way and then we just start putting it into getting nicer cars and i’d buy that and fix it up and sell it and then kind of just keep going i always had the real fear of being broke i still have that fear there was like times when we were homeless and it didn’t like it’s not like the point of like we didn’t have a place to stay but we didn’t have a place that was ours you know what i mean so i’m like well regardless i want to go out and try to make money any way i can i want to go out and try to make my own thing make my own living i ended up figuring it out eventually my wife teaches hard lessons best advice i would give a kid right now i would say don’t listen to negative people the thing about it is literally at every point of whatever i was going to do i can distinctly remember somebody telling me that stupid idea i wouldn’t do that why are you gonna sell firewood that’s stupid why would you buy and sell cars that’s stupid even when it comes to making youtube videos or stuff like that like why would you make a fool of yourself on the internet i’m like well why not at the end of the day nobody really cares nobody really cares if you do do this thing or that thing so you might as well just do whatever the hell you want anyway this is between two rides is we’re walking over here to get the extra starter for the smoke today i’m not sure if it’s a starter or what’s causing it to do that remember when it backfired at the track last week when it backfired i heard it do that there you go this car is a piece of [ __ ] starter wasn’t working is she working now how’s my face look let’s see is it covered in oil bro i do have some oil my beard but you know that’s the best beard oil there can be it’s 1540 rotella baby i think now we could just keep turning it over it might crank fine there we go here’s the deal we’re on a desert highway with a compound turbo i don’t know guys we’re out here with the smoke sting in the middle of nowhere they’ve shut down the road they got a cement truck they want me to try to pull with it the question is if we can pull it and if we can pull it how fast can we pull it and the third question is will we blow up the rear end trying to do it and right now we’re gonna do some science and answer all the questions all right let’s give her a shot baby whisky how do we do i got her looked at her she ready she gonna be delivering cement tomorrow baby we gonna be hauling 50 000 at a time oh i got walked out bro i’ll tell you what we was getting wild with it i’m like you know what i feel like partying i threw that thing into overdrive lock the converter just stood on it and we looked behind us there’s just smoke everywhere and it’s just freaking ripping oh my god bro i didn’t know if it was gonna do it i really didn’t i’m like i don’t think he’s gonna pull it we kind of got to the end of it and i gave her just a little bit got it rolling all right it’s time for the smoke shop we go over to ebay motors and get the right parts for the right prices and check out our hold on one the right parts at the right prices on ebay motors then check out our new series between two rides on youtube now between two rides that’s why i have it all right all right guys make sure you go over to youtube guys go over to ebay motors and check out guys make sure you go over to i keep wanting to say youtube instead of ebay motors make sure you go over to you no matter where you are you can find the parts you need when you need them on ebay motors app and if you’re looking for inspiration check out our new series between two rides on youtube that’s right it doesn’t matter where you are you can find the parts you need on the ebay’s motorz app doesn’t matter where you are you can find the parts you need when you need them on the ebay motorz app when you need them on the ebay’s motor app give me your most like kansas howdy dude listen here mother let’s ride all right let’s get the hell out of here let’s go ride let’s go do some burnouts i am tired i need a nap are we ready [Applause] where is it here i need a knife i am 17 states away from kansas i don’t like i ain’t seen a wheat field in a week


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