Tesla’s Electric Car Becomes A Tank And Can Go To War!

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black model 3 with white interior
black model 3 with white interior – pinterest


As a rule, car modifications relate to the engine, as well as the external and internal appearance. But with this modifier everything is different, they rebuild the Tesla Model 3 in a tank!

That’s right, the Tesla Model 3, touted as one of the best-selling electric vehicles in the world, has now transformed into a tank. What does it look like then and how does the revision process work?

An electric sedan has been converted into a tank by a YouTuber nicknamed The Real Life Guys. In an 8-minute video, they show how a Tesla Model 3 is turned into a tank.

In fact, these modifications don’t 100 percent change the shape of the Tesla Model 3 to make it look like a tank. However, the body of the electric sedan fits the already manufactured sprocket. So this Model 3 looks big and dashing.

A long process took place in the manufacture of the Tesla Model 3 tank, about four weeks. They used to have to make a rectangular frame out of strong tubular steel.

Then all of the wheels and suspension mass that supported the Model 3 were removed. Only then is the rectangular frame that supports the sprockets attached to the sides of the Tesla Model 3 chassis.

In total, the Tesla Model 3 tank has 27 wheels, 24 shock absorbers and a durable car chassis. As a result, the weight of this electric car becomes even heavier, reaching 6 tons!

Not only the weight of the car increases, but also the ground clearance of the Tesla Model 3 increases by 80 cm. Of course, since the use of sprockets and a sturdy steel frame make this electric sedan high and difficult to lift.

In addition, the YouTuber also installed several off-road components on the Tesla Model 3, such as a reinforced winch on the front bumper, a roof rack and 4 headlights mounted on the hood of the car.

The conversion of the Tesla Model 3 Cabrio to a tank looks very promising at first glance. Is that enough for an off-road weekend, according to the detectors?

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