Starter Business Ideas that MUST try in 2022

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INDFacuet — Some of these business ideas have actually existed for a long time, namely White Label Products, Niche Market Retailers, Freelance Becomes Agency , just what should we do and why are the opportunities more attractive in 2022? And most of these ideas can actually be done with minimal capital or started with minimal capital.

Later, for example, if we already have cashflow, we already have income, we can expand and finally we can evolve this business. Later we will discuss one by one.

White Label Illustration (

First Business Ideas, White Label Products.

Actually, this has been around for years, but I don’t know why in the marketplace now more and more people are seeing it, this is a really good products. But because of the information, because everything is easy to google, you know this is actually a white label products. You know, if you really look for capital, it only costs 30 thousand, but they sell it for 150 thousand.

And why is this white label products attractive?

Because of this—most people, for example, want to start a business, they are confused about product development. How do you make a good product? How do you design products that are really attractive to customers? Then how about the permission? Then how about the RnD?

For those who don’t know, explain again first, white label compared to the product itself. This means that there are products out there that are generic and that the manufacturers actually sell to everyone. And it’s unbranded, free to want to brand as much as possible, free to want what the packaging is, and usually this white label product is designed for resellers. It’s up to you to sell at what price and others.

Some of the most common examples of shite labels include t-shirts, tote bags, gifts, dolls, and many more. will give a reference. For example, if you still don’t understand this, give 1 example of a white label products, and 1 example of a product that has been branded from the white label results. And it can be sold many times more than the capital price.

But where to start this business ideas?

So, first, we research the actual product. Now it’s as easy as Google, looking for platforms that provide white label products, which don’t have any branding, and you can even change the branding yourself. One of the most common ones is custom products, you can go to the Ciptaloka website. Or there are some other custom products.

There they sell plain goods that you can custom and finally brand to become your product. The keys to a white label’s success are actually two: 1. Rebranding, 2. Repackaging. How do you increase it 5x and go back to those 2 things.

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As a white label reseller, if you have found the product, the second step is how to brand the product as if it were an expensive product, which you have RnD, etc.

Yes, for example like this. Then what do you mean, this is a small capital?

Most of these white label products, you can order by order. So don’t stock up on a lot of stuff. For example, on a platform that looks like a custom custom, for example, if you have a new order, you order that. So the money has come in from the client, then you order.

If you want something extra, you usually send the duke to your place, at home for example, then you pack it well, then send it to the customer.

For example, if you want it to be simpler, then send it directly to the customer. But some of these platforms can actually provide custom packaging services.

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You have to pay attention there. If you sell retail products, apart from products, what really matters is how you communicate with customers.

If it’s custom, for example, most of you chat on WA, for example. And you can use applications that you think are really cool, namely the Selly application.

Even though you sell in many marketplaces, at the end customer service is definitely one door. And the Selly application really helps you to serve these customers. For those who have never known the product, he is an online selling assistant. So it’s like an application that you can download, and it’s a custom keyboard that you can use for some of its features, making it easier for you to serve your customers.

For example, there are several autotext features, ‘How long does this order take?’.

It can be done quickly, and according to the cool thing, they have a feature to check the postage.

So you can directly connect to JNE, Pos Indonesia, Sicepat, etc. So in the chat, you can immediately give the shipping price. And the customer will appreciate it.

The features are actually very complete. It’s like making bills via bank transfers, sales recaps, and reminding your customers if they haven’t paid. So manual work like invoicing, etc. can be done automatically using the Selly application. So you just download it right away, it’s here .

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By the way, Selly is safe because she is part of the GoTo financials group. So, be safe guys. I hope you all understand at a glance what the white label product is and how to get started. Everyone can be different.

Freelance illustration.

Second Business Ideas, Freelance Becomes Agency

Same, that is freelance becomes an agency. Freelance is even crazier, because you don’t need capital. Your capital is a skill that you learn maybe from google, youtube. But freelance is not a business until it becomes an agency. Some important points for you to do agency in 2022 because you have to understand, there are more and more agencies. More and more people are providing services to customers. Quoted from Raymond Chin ‘s Youtube Channel .

There are 3 Points to Pay Attention to Freelance Becomes Agency

First, don’t play in the mass market for freelancers and agencies.

For example, if you have graphic design skills, you can do it again. Graphic design for content creators, graphic design for finance products. So by going into a niche, your competition won’t be too big.

The second is Building an Agency.

Now is not the time to build a portfolio, but to build a reputation. The difference between a portfolio and a reputation is that you keep a portfolio for yourself which you give to see if, for example, the client asks for it.

But reputation, we are in the age of content creating, you as an agency must publish your works on social media. Want it TikTok, Instagram.

Especially if for example the results of your work can be recognized. For example awards, etc. That’s going to be a huge boost this year. And the third thing that makes the agency different in 2022 compared to last year is, you have to start charging based on the results. Not based on SOW.

What do you mean?

Here, the analogy is that you are a web developer. Usually you charge 1 website 3 million. But if, for example, an agency wants to expand in a big way, you have to know that we will design this landing page.

How much will this increase sales for customers? So for example. This will get followers to Instagram, for example, how much is the graphic design?

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And finally the client will turn a blind eye to the question of price if for example you can promise a performance. And that’s according to the tips if for example you want to start a freelance business to an agency.

If you think this is a business that will not die because these bodies will last forever. These companies will always need services other than those they hire. It’s just a matter of how we stand out.

Niche Market illustration.

Third Business Idea, Niche Market Retailers.

Maybe the language is a bit overdone. But the point is, this is online selling where you have to focus on the niche market. Forget about the mass market, forget about making something for everyone, oh this later people can’t buy it, it’s not suitable.

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The point of a niche market retailers is, for example, if you want to sell food, do it again. Food for what? Cone again, the food is the style here. Cone again, what size is the food for the economy? So if for example you know the trend, from all the business ideas we discussed earlier, 2022 is different because we have a lot of competition.

More and more people are trying new businesses. As a beginner who starts a business, we can’t focus on something like, ‘Okay, let’s try to beat everyone’. Because we are guaranteed to lose. What we do is, if we want to sell goods, want to sell chips, want to sell goods that we produce ourselves, focus on the niche market retailers.

Example of a Niche Market Retailers

For example pet supplies, for example for pets. Because it’s Nala’s, I’ve started to see that there are some shops that may not sell like palugada, but they sell specifically for bu, for example, special products for hair.

In Indonesia, the most often searched term for cat is actually. So, you can think about what you want to sell, but it’s a niche. For example a special cat for food, for toys. And stay focused there.

Or for example, now that kpop is busy, people usually only sell what, merchandise, etc., you package it as a gift. But just focus on the niche.

If kpop, for example, people like BTS, let’s just focus on BTS. And those are the little things that at the end – according to you, will make it easier for you as a beginner businessman to get market share. According to these ideas will be pointless if for example not executed.

Why say these are ideas that can be tried for startup businesses and the keyword is going niche? Because most of these ideas actually don’t require big capital. What you need is effort and get creative so you can get customers.

In your opinion, from the 3 2022 business ideas above, namely White Label Products, Niche Market Retailers, Freelance as Agency, which idea is the most interesting?

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