Rivian’s Custom Electric Delivery Vehicles

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for Amazon Are Now Available Across The U.S.

Customers across the U.S. can expect to see customized electric delivery vehicles from Rivian starting today. The vehicles will deliver Amazon packages in Baltimore, Chicago and Dallas as well as San Diego, Phoenix, San Diego and Seattle.

This rollout is only the beginning of thousands of Amazon’s electric delivery vehicles that will be available in over 100 cities by the end this year. And 100,000 nationwide by 2030.

They are built with safety, sustainability and comfort in mind. The vehicles have been extensively tested by drivers all over the country. These vehicles are the result of Amazon’s partnership and Rivian. This partnership was announced by the companies in 2019, when Amazon co-founded. They also became the first signator of the Climate Pledge, which is a commitment to zero carbon emissions across all of our operations by 2040.

Rivian’s partnership

Amazon has pledged to create a more sustainable delivery network. Rivian’s partnership with Amazon is an important part in decarbonizing last-mile logistics and accelerating innovation that can be used to help other countries achieve net zero carbon. Amazon’s commitment to having all 100,000 electric delivery cars on the roads by 2030 will help save millions of metric tons per year.

Amazon partners with companies that share our passion to invent new ways to reduce our environmental impact. “Fighting climate change requires continuous innovation and action. Rivian has been a great partner in that mission, so we’re excited for our first custom-built electric delivery vehicles to go on the roads,” stated Andy Jassy CEO of Amazon. “Today is a significant milestone for our Climate Pledge commitment.

Rivian was the first company Amazon invested in via the Climate Pledge Fund. We’re just starting our journey to get 100,000 Rivian vehicles on the roads by 2030. These vehicles are not only sustainable but also great for drivers. They were built with driver input and feedback and are among the most comfortable and safest delivery vehicles on today’s roads.

RJ Scaringe CEO

RJ Scaringe CEO of Rivian said, “Today is an important step, both for Amazon and Rivian partners, as well as for transportation and the environment.” Rivian and Amazon have committed to accelerate a new type delivery vehicle in 2019, which will result in significant reductions of carbon emissions.

This vision is being realized thanks to the hard work, dedication and collaboration of our teams. To say this is an exciting moment is an understatement–we’re thrilled to see this partnership has kickstarted decarbonization projects across the logistics delivery industry.”

Since 2021 Amazon has been using Rivian preproduction cars to test deliveries. They have delivered over 430,000 packages and accumulated over 90,000. miles. Rivian has been able to continually improve the vehicle’s safety, performance, durability, and functionality in different climates and geographies. It also boasts state-of-the art features that ensure driver satisfaction and overall functionality. Rivian also holds certifications with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and California Air Resources Board.

Rivian’s Illinois factory makes custom vehicles. They include innovative technology and features like:

  • Safety-first design that focuses on 360-degree visibility and features that protect pedestrians and drivers.
  • A range of safety features, including highway, sensor detection, and traffic assistance technology, large windshields to improve driver visibility, automatic emergency breaking and adaptive cruise control.
  • The first-of-its kind embedded technology that seamlessly integrates the vehicle’s delivery workflow with the vehicle. This allows seamless access to routing, navigation and driver support.
  • The features are designed to improve the driver’s experience and make it easier on the road. These include automatic doors locking/unlocking when the driver approaches the vehicle or leaves it. A powered bulkhead door opens when the driver reaches their delivery location.
  • For extra protection, the driver’s door is reinforced. The van also features an ergonomically designed cargo area and driver’s cabin for safe and easy movement.
  • Battery that lasts the life of your vehicle, are lightweight, durable, and cost-effective.

Amazon has installed thousands of charging stations at its delivery points across the country and will continue to invest to build an infrastructure that supports a more sustainable delivery fleet. Amazon has also partnered up with CERES and other fleet operators to create the Corporate Electrical Vehicle Alliance. This alliance brings together companies to help accelerate the transition to electric cars.

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