Raksasa Ekonomi Dunia Yang Sedang Gila-Gilaan Membangun Teknologi Canggih Pertanian! Teknologi China

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China is a superpower that is known as the largest economic giant in the world today is ready to outperform its tough competitor the United States of America. The country with the most population in the world 40 years ago was only a poor and slum country but was able to rise surprisingly in various sectors including agriculture as a the largest producer of various agricultural commodities, according to the history of this bamboo curtain country, that at the end of the 70s, China carried out large-scale economic reforms led by Deng Xiaoping and one of the areas reformed was the agricultural sector, where at that time there were still many poor farmers who were stuttering. In today’s technology and science , China has become the most prosperous agricultural superpower in the world that dominates the international market and it is evident that we can easily find packaged agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits labeled with China in Supermarkets since its establishment in 2001.

In 1946 until the end of the 70s, during the reign of Mao Zedong, China was known as an agricultural country where the agricultural sector was the main driver of the country’s economy, but the Chinese agricultural system at that time was still carried out in the traditional way , political and economic policies, like how agriculture was monopolized by the state at that time . caused massive protests from Chinese peasants and people’s distrust of the Chinese Communist Party leaders which eventually led to a food crisis and famine and caused a severe economic downturn after the era of collapse in 1978, Chinese agriculture entered a new leap point after the emergence of one of the most influential people in China.

China and xiaoping immediately carried out a reform movement that opened the door to cooperation with the United States Hai about gradually replacing the monopoly and centralization system in agriculture that had been implemented in the country by offering a form of free market to provide fresh air for entrepreneurs to invest in the agricultural business, conventional farming methods have begun to be abandoned, investment has begun to come in, and special developments in agriculture in the form of maximizing the application of agricultural technology and farmers’ human resources are also made a priority by making regulations that require outside investors to transfer knowledge to the people. China even scientific documents must be given a copy for state assets for the development of science Chinese people intensive efforts from the government to improve technology in agriculture which are carried out seriously and planned to make China’s agricultural sector grow significantly and become one of the fields that contribute to the country’s economic progress In addition, the work ethic of farmers is improved and they are accustomed to working with a high totality.

This bamboo curtain country has a fantastic number of farmers and agribusiness actors compared to other countries, which is around 315000000 working people. However, in the food and agricultural sector, which exceeds the population of Indonesia’s population, the agricultural sector in China is also mostly filled by young people, although China’s land is not entirely fertile due to acid levels and dry soil types, but the eastern and southern regions of China are used as agribusiness centers so that the country’s agriculture is truly prosperous. properly concentrated and controlled Chinese farmers can earn more than 10 million rupiah According to investopedia data with a focus on the production of brush wheat potatoes lettuce onions cabbage green beans broccoli eggplant spinach carrots cucumber tomatoes pumpkin beer grapes apple peaches watermelon brake milk sheep chicken lamb goat peanuts Hai fish eggs and honey with the status as the world’s most populous nation in the Chinese government realized that the food needs to be provided in an effort to meet people food that nearly a quarter of the earth’s population Hai’s efforts to meet the food needs Pa kan encourage the Chinese government to expand by me renting agricultural land in other countries such as in Asia,

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