Profitable Small Capital Side Business 2022

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NewsUpdate – A side business with small and profitable capital is often the choice of most people to increase their income, especially in 2022. Because it is felt that the main income obtained from work has not been able to meet their daily needs.

In addition, this business can be done by anyone, ranging from students, office workers, housewives, and others. In fact, many side businesses that use small capital. Even some of them do not use capital at all.

Then, the benefits obtained are also quite a lot rather than just relying on the basic salary. Therefore, here are some side business recommendations with small and profitable capital in 2022 that you can try.

Side Business With Small Capital Even Without Capital Is Profitable in 2022

For beginners you don’t need to worry because some of these efforts are quite easy to do. You can even customize it according to your interests and passion.


Do you have an idle camera at home? Try to take advantage of this one object to make money. One side business that has flexible time is photographer services.

To learn these photography techniques is not as difficult as one might think. Besides you learn from people who are experts in their fields, you can also learn through social media such as YouTube.

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Currently, photographers are not only used for important events such as weddings or proposals. However, it has become a daily necessity for hunfot lovers or photo hunting.

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Content Creator Tiktok

One application that can make money is TikTok . If you like sharing health tips, tourist destinations, and others, you can try this business.

Because the presentation is quite light using videos, it makes many people like TikTok. The weakness of Indonesian society is literacy culture or lack of reading.

So that through this video, it is hoped that viewers can enjoy learning content. But still packaged well and attractively. It aims to attract the enthusiasm of the audience.

Custody Service

The next side business is a deposit service or jastip. Besides not requiring special skills, this business is also quite easy to do. Even anyone can try this one business.

You can do jastip about several things such as food, clothes, shoes, and others. Of course this is in great demand. Especially people who live in rural areas far from urban areas.

Surely many people who want and need these items. Moreover, do not have free time in the midst of busy daily activities. Therefore, jastip can be the choice of some people.

The Privates

One of the side businesses that are in great demand by students is private tutoring. Because the time is flexible outside of class hours and the income is large, private tutoring is often an option.

If you have more expertise or ability in one type of subject, you can choose this business. In addition, you can also choose the level that you are good at. Starting from elementary, middle, and high school.

Laptop or Computer Service

For those of you who like the ins and outs of IT, you can try this side business. The capital you have to spend is also small.

In addition, this type of business will not run out of time. The progress of science and technology which has been very advanced until now has made everything digital.

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Moreover, a laptop or computer device has become a daily necessity that everyone must have today. Especially students, school children and other workers. So this business will be very suitable for use today.

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