Profitable Investments for Beginners in 2022

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NewsUpdate — In 2022 even experienced investors initially learn from scratch, the first thing they do is find out which investments are suitable and profitable for beginners such as Mutual Funds, Cryptocurrency etc.

Yes, you can start promising investments by getting to know profitable investments in 2022 for beginners as below.

P2P lending

Peer-to-peer-lending is a profitable investments for beginners in 2022. In P2P lending you can be a lender who lends capital to MSME actors who apply for loans.

One of the P2P lending that can be chosen for the most profitable investment is People’s Capital. In People’s Capital, you lend a certain amount to MSME players, and you will get a return.

Stock Investment

Stock is one of the investment instruments in Indonesia that has existed for a long time. Stocks generate abundant returns, but carry high risks. This instrument is suitable for those of you whose risk profile is aggressive, that is, daring to face challenges and risks.

Stock investment can now be done from small capital. There are already many stock platforms in Indonesia that provide special easy conditions for young investors and beginners. 

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To buy stocks that can provide long-term benefits, you need to choose stocks whose companies have good fundamentals. The trick is to do a fundamental analysis by studying its financial statements.

Mutual Fund Investments 2022

Mutual funds are profitable investments with small capital. How it works, capital from investors will be channeled into various securities or instruments available in the capital market.

There are various mutual funds that investors can choose according to their risk profile. Mutual funds with minimal risk are money market mutual funds, while those with the most challenging risk are equity funds.

The advantages of mutual funds, among others, are that your investment activities will be regulated by an investment manager, so you don’t have to monitor the state of the capital market. You can also start investing in mutual funds with relatively small capital. 

Gold Investment

The next most profitable investment for beginners is gold investment. Gold is usually invested in the long term because its price has the potential to rise every year.

You can also save gold as an emergency fund, especially gold is easy to convert into cash. 

The price of gold is almost in the millions per gram, but you can pay for it with a gold savings installment system. Several banks in Indonesia to Pegadaian provide gold savings with small capital.

Property Investment

The most profitable investments for beginners is property. Property has always been chosen as a productive asset. Quoted from

You can rent out house assets or boarding houses to earn monthly or yearly income. You can also buy property, which is then sold in the future after the price has increased.

For property investment, you need to prepare a large amount of funds first. Not to mention there are various permits and documents that need to be prepared. 

However, if you have sufficient capital, there is no harm in investing directly in property because the value of these assets has increased rapidly.

Deposit Deposit

Short-term profitable investments are deposits. The trick is that you open a deposit at the nearest bank.

Usually banks have minimum requirements for funds to be deposited. For example, Rp. 1 million. You will also be given interest as a gift from the bank after the tenor ends, provided you do not take the deposit money. 

Time deposits usually have a maximum tenor of 3 years. Suitable for those of you who want quick results.

Retail Bonds

The next most profitable investment is retail bonds. These bonds are different from bonds in general because they can be ordered at an affordable price by the public. 

An example of a popular retail bond is the Indonesian Retail Bond offered by the government. The minimum purchase is IDR 1 million. Interest for investors is a fixed rate of 4% and above, changing according to government policy.

In addition, there are Retail Savings Bonds or SBR which use floating interest with a minimum purchase of IDR 1 million as well. The publication is the same as ORI, present every year.

The two types of bonds are offered by the Ministry of Finance through various trusted distribution partners. In order not to miss your order, you need to note the date of the offer. 

Ilustrasi. Bitcoin Cryptocurrency.

Trading Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is an instrument that is currently loved by young investors. Cryptocurrencies are suitable for short-term investments.

There are various crypto assets to choose from, from Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and others. Each of these assets has its own price and advantages.

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You can buy it with minimal capital through a special application for cryptocurrency transactions that has been considered legal by OJK and CoFTRA.

You can benefit in the form of capital gains when the price of crypto assets increases. The crypto market is also open around the clock, so you are free to choose the time to transact.

To trade successfully in the crypto market, you need to take advantage of technical analysis, i.e. analysis to see the movement of crypto prices. From this analysis, you can make the right decisions in crypto transactions.

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