Memories Of Discovering The Power Of Ariel And Radwan Carmel

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It has been eight days since the search for the eldest son of the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil, Imril Khan Mumtaz, or sometimes Iril, who has been missing since May while swimming in the Ar River in Bern, Switzerland. February 26, 2022 at 11:24 am.

Ariel and her family, including her sister Camelia Laetitia Azahara or Zara, travel to Switzerland with her mother Atalia Baratia in search of Ariel’s school where she will continue her master’s degree education.

Meanwhile, Radwan Carmel has official delegations to Italy and England to carry out government activities with a delegation from the West Java Provincial Government.

In addition to the activities, Earl, Zara, and relatives took a trip to the Aar River.

With its turquoise waters, Aare surrounds Bern on three sides, also known as the Aare Ring, and is easily accessible to both locals and tourists alike.

According to Bern city police, Ariel, Zara and one of their relatives were swimming in the Ar River at the time. As he tries to rise above the water, Ariel is pulled into a fairly swift river.

Radwan Carmel was still on a foreign mission in England when he learned of the condition of the Count, who went missing while swimming in the Aare River in Bern, Switzerland. After the activity, he left for Switzerland.

Emile personally tracked the search for Earl on May 28, 2022. At that time, I was told where to find Earl from the local police.

Even Radwan Carmel has proposed an extension of leave to continue the search for Ariel which has been approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kmindagri).

In several photos uploaded by the Indonesian Embassy in Bern (KBRI), Emil and his wife seem to be observing Ariel’s search.

Indonesian Embassy in Bern Residents of Bern Heinrich hug the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Camel, as they visit Imril Khan Mumtaz on the Ar River in Bern, Switzerland.

Emile is seen standing on the banks of the Ar River to see how local authorities are using boats to conduct research.

Police have also issued a yellow notice or request for assistance in the pursuit of missing persons for Ariel. The application was submitted by the International Police (Interpol).

During the search, Emil meets a Bernese man named Heinrich. The man was the one who helped Zara’s sister get to the mainland from the Aare River in Switzerland.

The Indonesian Embassy in Bern shared a video recording of the meeting between Emil and Heinrich. In the photo, Emile is kneeling on Heinrich’s right shoulder. Meanwhile, Heinrich grabbed Emile’s back.

It is also noted that Emil ran along the Aare River, exploring the area around the embankment, which is considered an important site to find Eryl.

In the local area, representatives of the Emile family immediately informed the progress of Ariel’s search through a press conference.

However, there were no search results until the 8th. Emil and his wife Zara decided to return to Indonesia on Thursday (2/6/2022).

Before returning to Indonesia, Atalia wrote a message on the ataliapr Instagram account on Thursday, February 6, 2022.

The letter is about his son Ariel, who has not been found. Atalia also uploaded two photos. The first photo shows Atalia with Radwan Kamel and Zara sitting facing the Ar River. The second image appears in the handwriting of the mayor of Bern.

Atalia wrote: “Lil… Let’s go back to Indonesia first. Well… Mama has entrusted you with the best care and protection from God Almighty, your true owner, wherever you are.”

“God willing, you will never be cold or hungry or deprived. In reality you will have a lot of love, gifts and unbreakable happiness. Leave your mother here by the river Aare, wonderfully beautiful and beautiful.” ” said Atalia.

Attalia also wrote a letter from the mayor of Bern. He prayed for Ariel wherever he was.

‘As the Mayor said’ Attalia said, ‘Bern will be with us forever…’. I wish mother well-being to all souls.’

In a press conference held at Pakuan Building, Bandung, Friday (March 6 2022), Redwan Camille’s older brother, Irwin Munerosman, told the family that Ariel had died. But they didn’t stop looking.

It was said that there was some difficulty in finding the missing Count in Argang.

Obstacles encountered in the search included the muddy water of the Aare River from snow particles melting from the Aare glacier in the Swiss Alps. In addition, the high currents and possible storm surge upstream made this study difficult.

The search was carried out by police, navy and firefighters. The research method uses walking, boating, drone and diving methods.

The search was carried out along the Aare River, Tieppenau Bridge or about 17 km to Bolensee Flood. The realm is the point that is considered important.

Concentration points were carried out on patrols in the Marzili region at the Engehalde sluice and in the area between Schwellenmaetelli and Wohlense. A search for police dogs was also carried out.

Indonesian Embassy document in Bern (26 January 2022) Ariel’s eldest son Ridwan Kamel disappeared while swimming in the Aare River in Bern, Switzerland.

The morning session was done by looking for a boat. In other words, they use binoculars to monitor the underwater situation. This research was conducted using a boat and sensors that can detect up to a depth of 3 meters. This method is also equipped with binoculars to observe the underwater situation.

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