In His Speech, Putin Called US Actions As If Western Sanctions Were \”sent To Earth By God\”.

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– Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an aggressive speech at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum on Friday (18 June 2022), as quoted by Sky News.

Putin’s aggressive speech discussed the various economic sanctions Russia received from the West for its invasion of Ukraine.

In his speech, Putin said the United States behaved as if the sanctions were “sent to earth by God with their sacred interests in mind.”

Putin does not promise anything like this in world politics and accuses the US of treating other countries as “colonies”.

He rejected Western attempts to destroy his country with “stupid” sanctions akin to an economic “blitzkrieg”.

Meanwhile, Putin’s references to World War II are a tribute to the blitzkrieg, the rapid and intense military offensive that took the enemy by surprise, and the strategy that undermined Germany’s success at the time.

He said the disappointing forecast for the Russian economy and attempts to hit it with sanctions had not materialized.

There are fears that the Russian ruble will rise to 200 per dollar, but Putin calls it a form of “information warfare”.

Amid prolonged criticism from the United States and its allies, the Russian leader said the West was trying to isolate the “wrong” countries.

Later in his speech, Putin received applause from the audience when he reaffirmed his determination to continue “special military operations” in Ukraine.

He said the main aim of the attack was to protect his people in eastern Ukraine, mostly Russian-speaking Donbass, which Kyiv and the West see as an unfair pretext for war.

This year’s Russian show event took place without the participation of the West.

His speech came just hours after the European Union Commission announced that it had offered Ukraine to become a member of the European Union.

In response, Putin accused the organization of losing political sovereignty and said sanctions against Russia could cost the EU more than $400 billion.

Russia faces the shadow of a recession

Putin also said that some of the world’s currencies were “suicide.”

It claimed an unprecedented freeze of around $300M US (£245M) of occasional Russian foreign currency.

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Russia faces the shadow of a receipt that will be the country’s deepest contraction in at least two decades.

Russia’s Debut Strategy is Already Time

Previously, the Chief of the British Armed Forces, Lakshman Sir Tony Radakin, said that Russia had actually been in the Sekra Strategy period in the war in Ukraine since February 24, 2022.

According to him, the Rusiya Seven In Troops have been under the pressure due to the loss of many troops and high-tech missiles.

“Russia has been “strategically defeated” in the war in Ukraine and its forces have dwindled due to a shortage of people and lack of high-tech missiles,” Radkin was quoted as saying by Sky News, Friday (17/6/2022). . has.”

According to the British Chief of Defense Staff, Russia running out of troops and modern missiles will never be able to take all of Ukraine.

He also said that Russian President Vladimir Putin had lost 25 percent of Russia’s ground power for “small” gains.

As for Russia’s potential “strategic success” in the coming weeks, he said the idea of ​​a successful war was nonsense.

“President Putin used 25 percent of his troops to retake small territory, and 50,000 people were killed or injured.”

“Russia is now a much smaller diplomatic and economic power than it was a few months ago,” he said.

“Any idea that this is a success for Russia is rubbish. Russia is a failure.”

“He has probably had some tactical success in the last few weeks. And this may continue for the next few weeks. But Russia lost strategically,” he said.

According to the British military commander, the defeat was a big mistake by Russia.

In addition, currently NATO troops will be more developed if it involves Finland and Sweden.

“This is Russia’s big mistake. Russia will never control Ukraine.”

“Russia was defeated strategically. NATO is strong, Finland and Sweden want to join,” he stressed.

Great Britain commends the bravery of the Ukrainian warriors

Radakin said Moscow had been forced to abandon its goal of controlling most Ukrainian cities and was now engaged in “heavy” fighting.

The Russian locomotive is already on its way, and every day it is increasing by two, three, five kilometers.

“And it’s tough for Ukraine, but it’s going to be a long fight. And we support Ukraine, Ukraine has shown how brave it is.”

“And Russia has the vulnerability of running out of people, running out of high-tech missiles,” he said.

Radakin said he had been in contact with his Ukrainian counterpart, General Valery Zaluzny, the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, who admitted he had been involved in “fierce fighting” in the past.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace previously admitted to Sky News that in some areas Russian troops outnumbered Ukrainian troops in artillery fire by 20 to 1.

But Wallace told Sky defense and security correspondent Deborah Haynes that when the allies start supplying Ukraine with long-range artillery and missile systems, they could immediately make “significant progress in the east of the country”.

For that, Radakin also praised the attitude of the Ukrainian fighters towards Russia.

“They are brave people. The way they fought the Russians, they were smart people.”

“But there are also honest people who say they really need help,” he said.

He said Britain would also continue to support Ukraine in the long term.

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