Here’s An Easy Way To Merge PDF Files:

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Many people don’t know how to combine PDF files without any hassle. This is because PDF files are usually located one at a time. There is also a desire to pool data without getting confused. It’s simple without bothering you.

But it turns out that there are several ways to combine PDF files into one file. Some use certain software on their cellphones and use online facilities. So it would be better to tell me how than to be confused. You know? like what? Check out his review below.

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How to merge PDF files with software

If you want to combine PDF data, you can do it offline using the program on your phone or Windows PC. Of course, you can go this route by accessing the PlayStore and Microsoft Store for Android. Then download and do it.

But what software can merge PDF files? See the comments below to find the answer.

1. Merge PDF files using Adobe Acrobat

Portable Document Format or PDF is a file that was developed by Adobe in 1990. So, it is not surprising that the first step in merging these files started with Adobe applications.


all. Install Adobe Acrobat on your computer.

rain. Then open Adobe Acrobat, click the Tools menu, and select Combine Files.

C. Click Combine Files and then click Add File to select the PDF data you want to combine.

D. Then click, drag or drop the PDF files you want to merge sequentially.

E. After the setup process is complete, click Combine Files.

F. Then don’t forget to press the Save button.

G. The PDF files have been merged.

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2. Using WPS Office on Android Phone

Well, for those who want to combine PDF files on their cellphones with the Android operating system, WPS Office is available. In fact, this application is better known as a tool for reading Office documents. However, this application can also be used to edit Word files to PDF.

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How to merge PDF with WPS Office? Here’s how.

all. Install the WPS Office application.

rain. When finished, select the list containing the word Merge PDF. Click and select the files you want to merge.

C. Once done, hit the Merge menu and you will be able to find the files on your local drive.

3. Merge PDF with Xodo

Besides WPS Office, there is Xodo which can be used to merge PDF files. Search in PlayStore and do the installation. You can then condense the PDF files into a single file by following the steps below.

A. After installing Xodo, run the app and click on the plus sign (+) in the bottom right corner.

B. Then select PDF from the document.

C. Next, select the PDF files you want to merge.

D. When finished, click “Merge” in the lower right corner.

E. Then it’s done and the PDF files are merged.

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How to Merge PDF Files Online

Apart from using the software on your computer and mobile, you can also combine PDF files using online services. There are many services to choose from, but I will only introduce two of them. like what? See below.

1. Merge PDF files with is a popular platform for merging PDF files. The reason is, you can combine about 20 pieces of data on this site. Very easy and tempting right? Then how to integrate with Just follow the steps below.

all. Go to

rain. After opening the site, click Upload File at the bottom next to Delete Queue.

Seed. Then select the files you want to merge and click Open.

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D. Wait for the file to finish downloading.

E. When finished, click Join File at the bottom.

F. The file will then be downloaded automatically embedded.

2. Merge PDF with

The following method is also almost the same as, only seems more convincing. Because this website converts PDF files to Word so you can compress PDF files. Complete and colorful.

Well, if you want to merge PDF files directly, you should choose Merge PDF to purple screen. Then follow the steps below.

A. Click Merge PDF and you will see the PDF drop here.

rain. So you need to select the PDF files that you want to merge.

Seed. You can also select PDFs directly from Google Drive and Dropbox.

Dr…. Wait for the file to load.

E. After that, you can reset the downloaded files.

F. Then click Merge PDF to merge.

thought. After that, you can check the PDF files in the selected folder.

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How to Merge PDF Files on Mac

Interestingly, merging PDF files on macOS devices is relatively easier than on Windows. That’s because no additional apps are required!

The Finder app on macOS has the ability to merge PDF files. Apart from that, you can also use the Preview app.

The method itself is very easy. See below.

How to merge PDFs on macOS via Finder

1. Open Finder and navigate to the location where the PDF is saved. If you are on the desktop, look for the Desktop section and click on it. If the file is in Downloads, just click on the Downloads section. It’s usually under Favorites on the left.

2. To merge two or more PDF files in the Finder, switch to Gallery view. The easiest way is to click view (top view, view right, move left). Then click “Go to Gallery”.

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You can also search for “to gallery” in the toolbar section.

3. Next, you can press the command letter and select the files you want to merge. To merge PDF files directly without re-editing them later, click the PDFs in the desired order. When you click sequentially, the files are automatically merged sequentially immediately.

4. When you click more than one PDF file, the Create PDF button will appear in the properties pane on the right. Just click a button and the Finder will instantly create a new PDF with all the previously clicked files.

So what if the PDF you create turns out to have a random page order or doesn’t match your expectations? easy. Just click on the new PDF file and launch the sidebar. To do so, click View and select Thumbnails. Then simply drag and drop the page up or down as desired.

How to Merge PDFs on macOS via Preview

You can also merge PDFs using the Preview app. You can see how to do this below.

1. Select the PDF files you want to merge. Right click to open in preview. However, macOS usually uses the Preview app to open PDF files by default. In other words, just double-click the files you want to merge.

2. Then click View at the top of the page and select Thumbnails.

3. Then click “Edit” (above) then click “Insert”.

4. Select the PDF files to merge. Then click Open.

5. After that, you can arrange the order as you like. Just move it up or down as you like.

6. Then save.

Well, with the various ways to combine PDF files above, you don’t have to bother or bother other people. You can easily do everything yourself. It is enough to install or access the site indicated above. Everything is normal.

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