Here’s An Easy Way To Identify The Owner Of Your Cell Phone Number:

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How do I know who owns the cell phone number?

Currently there are several ways to find out the owner of an unknown cell phone number (HP). This is important to know because there are many cases of fraud that occur. Both claimed to be mothers pretending to be online shops and asking for credit or fraud.

Well, there are two ways to find out the owner of an unknown cell phone number. there isn’t any? For more details, see the description in the article below.

How does the app find out who owns the mobile number?

Yes, the first way to find out the owner of a mobile number is through an app. Many of these apps are readily available for free download on the App Store and Google Play Store. What’s the application? Here’s the review.

1. How to find out your mobile number with the app: Whoscall

The first app you can try is Whoscall. With a fairly complete database, you can find out who is calling. This application is very stable because it has been downloaded by 70 million people worldwide.

Apart from knowing who owns your mobile number, you can use Whoscall to block spam calls and spam SMS. Very easy isn’t it? Just download it to your smartphone.

Another advantage of Whoscall app is that you can check your phone number offline. So you don’t have to go online to find the owner of the cell phone number you’re looking for.

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2. How to find out the owner of a mobile number with the app: Truecaller

If this application is equipped with a large enough database. How come? It is used by about 250 million people worldwide. The way this app works is that it collects data about callers from all over the world so that if something goes wrong, it will appear in a list. So, sort of a worldwide contact book. So this application can be said to be very stable.

Using the Truecaller app to verify your phone number is also very easy. Just download it from App Store or Play Store then follow the steps. After entering the application form, enter the number you are looking for in the search bar. The phone number ID you entered will then appear. Is it that simple?

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3. How to find out your mobile number with the app: Showcaller

Another app option that you can use to verify the identity of your mobile number is Showcaller. This application has been downloaded by 50 million people worldwide, so the data collected is absolutely accurate. You can register as a premium service member or become a free user with the unlimited mobile number verification feature.

Showcaller not only verifies your mobile number, it can also be used to block and record phone conversations. So this app can be used as one of the phone number security locks.

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4. How to find out the owner of a cellphone number with the application: CIA ID

You can also use CIA ID for apps that find the owner of a cell phone number. This app has a rating of 4.1 on the Google Play Store, so you can really trust it. Yes, because this application has been downloaded by 1.5 billion people worldwide. So the database owned by this application is very accurate.

Like the other apps on this list, CIA ID can block certain numbers and provide spam notifications. However, there is one interesting thing about this app, if you are using a CIA ID, it is better to use a different phone number for the agency.

For example, you try to call company A from a certain number, but it doesn’t answer. Well, this app provides recommendations for different phone numbers. This is because organizations usually need to have multiple phone numbers.

5. How to find out the owner of a mobile number with the application: Hiya

Another app that you can use to find unknown mobile numbers is Hiya. Like other apps, Hiya can record who is calling you. It can also be used to block and forward spam notifications.

However, one thing that other apps lack is antivirus and security features. This feature allows you to automatically block yourself from unknown numbers and even scams.

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6. How to find out the owner of a mobile number with the app: GetContact

GetContact is one of the reliable apps that you can use. This app is available for Android, iPhone and Huawei phones.

Before using GetContact, you will be asked to agree to sharing your contact database. Yes, the HP number data is in the application based on the user database set. The more users, the bigger the GetContact database. GetContact itself claims to have 100 million users who are already using the application.

You can directly retrieve an obscure mobile number using GetContact. You can find the name of the owner of your mobile number if it is saved by someone else. Interestingly, you can find the # hashtag used in the name. Just for fun, search for a phone number and see the name of the #tag used to store the number.

GetContact itself is available for free. However, its use is very limited. To get the most out of GetContact, you only need to pay up to IDR 45,000 per month. At this price, you can search for up to 300 mobile numbers, up to 40 tag view limits per month, use them ad-free, and see who has viewed your tag.

Live on cards with multiple shares

Have you heard of live broadcasting? Live On is a product of digital operators. The company itself is part of XL Axiata. So it’s no wonder Live On uses the XL Axiata network.

So, why is Live On called a digital product? How is it different from other cellular operators? Because the service is delivered digitally. For example, requesting a SIM card via the Live On website or app. You can also buy starter packs through e-commerce services such as Bukalapak. Internet packages are also purchased through the app. Basically everything is digital.

Live On sells a number of starter packs bundled with data packages. One is a Live On startup card with a 6GB Power Mini bundle. The package is valid for 10 days. In addition, all operators receive an additional 20 minutes of free calls and all operators receive 20 minutes of free SMS. The supported network is 4.5G. This card can be purchased for IDR 31,000. Interestingly, a discount of Rs 16,000 was offered at the official live-on booth.

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There is also a starter package that comes with a 25GB Power On package. This bundle provides 25GB data package, 3GB emergency quota (default quota sold out. This package is immediately active at 128kbps), data transfer up to 1000GB, 20 minutes free calls to all operators, and unlimited SMS. Free for all operators and valid for 30 days. This starter pack is available at a price of IDR 80,000. Interestingly, the Bukkalabak official booth got a discount of Rp. 68,000.

Please visit the following link to view the price list for the Live On Internet package.

How do I find out who has a mobile number on my computer or laptop?

This is how to find the owner of a mobile number with an application. Well, here’s how to check it via a laptop or computer. You can use this method without connecting to your phone. like what? See below.

1. How to get a mobile number on a computer or laptop: Truecaller web version

Yes, you can use the web version of the Truecaller app. So you don’t need to download it to your phone, but you can open a browser on your laptop or computer. The method is very simple. Follow these steps:


– Next, go to the site or register as a member to register as a member.

– After registration is complete, you can enter your country code on the page provided.

Then enter the number you want to check and press Enter.

Then just wait for the site to work and the results will appear in a matter of minutes.

These are the steps you can follow on the Truecaller website. If you are still having problems, you can also explore other apps. This is because each app must have a specific location that can be opened. So, it should be easy to find your HP Owner Number, even on your laptop or computer.

how? Isn’t it easy to find the owner of this HP number?

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