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NewsUpdate — Currently Digital Marketing or the digital marketers / internet marketers profession is one of the most sought after in the work industry, so it’s no wonder that there are many free digital marketing course platforms. It is undeniable that all businesses need a marketing element to maximize business performance.

And because digital developments are getting faster. So the marketing strategy using digital platforms or digital marketing has actually increased drastically compared to conventional marketing. 

Currently, around 64 percent of Indonesia’s population is connected to the internet. In fact, based on We Are Digital data. Indonesians are also proven to spend of their lives (about 8 hours a day) connected to the internet. Good for social media (3.5 hours), watching content (3 hours), listening to music (1.5 hours), or playing games (1.5 hours).

For this reason, the current concept of effective digital marketing must target the online realm which is very close to people’s lives.

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Free Digital Marketing Strategy Training Course Program

With this trend, the Zenius educational technology platform also presents a free digital marketing strategy training course program. Where it is for SMEs throughout Indonesia. This course is available on the ZenPro platform, a learning service within the Zenius ecosystem, and can be accessed for free using a Pre-Employment Card.  

“Along with the acceleration of technology, digital marketers / internet marketers have become a vital skill to master. Because almost all businesses need it, especially SMEs in Indonesia,” said AVP Marketing Lifelong (ZenPro) Ary Mozta as quoted from liputan6com .

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“For example, MSME actors who are able to apply digital marketers appropriately. Can be able to achieve the potential for revenue growth of up to 3 times greater. On a 40 percent smaller budget. Therefore, it is hoped that this free digital marketing course can equip all participants with practical skills that can be directly applied to their business,” he continued.

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