ECLE Socket SEE0501 Review: Multifunction With 4 USB Slots

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Plugs or sockets (the language is good) are not a strange thing in our lives. Almost every house in Indonesia has at least one socket that functions as a distributor of electricity for household electrical appliances. The more electrical appliances you have, the more plugs/slots or power strips you will need. Things get more complicated if the sockets don’t have enough slots. Especially if you need to charge your smartphone, tablet, or spare battery to your laptop at the same time.

The solution is to have 4 USB charger slots and 4 regular power connection slots (Indonesian standard), so you can use “smart” sockets such as the ECLE SEE501 multitap. ECLE itself is a manufacturer of various hardware accessories products such as data cables, earphones, smartphone tripods and other accessory products.

By the way, has an extension cable product from ECLE. We will test this socket. Is it really reliable?

product exhibition

The ECLE SEE501 socket product comes in a very attractive packaging (150,000 rupees for a socket product). The box is metallic green on the front and black on the back. On the front of the packaging there is a picture of the ECLE SEE501 product. On the back there is a description of this multi-tap function.

It’s time to unpack and see for yourself the build quality of this ECLE port. When Bucar Review picked up this product, the first impression was that it was well built. It’s cheap, but the ECLE SEE501 is not a cheap socket. This electrical tape is made of durable plastic material. The finish also looks smooth. Absolutely no rough plastic surface. The cable is thick and sturdy (not as weak as other cheap plugs).

The ECLE socket has 5 sockets/slots consisting of 4 regular sockets and a special silver USB slot (consisting of 4 USB slots). There is an on/off button at the top to easily turn off the power outlet when not in use. The bottom of the socket has a rubber coating on both ends of the power tripps to keep this ECLE product from moving. The overall appearance of the multi-tap ECLE product is quite convincing.

product experience

It’s time to review the features of the ECLE SEE0501 product. Are the features of this product as convincing as they seem? Let’s review them one by one. We start with the main cable that will be the main power for this socket. Unlike the Xiaomi Smart Multi-Tap product, which uses a kind of 3-pin connection to the main cable. ECLE actually uses a 2-pin cable, so this multi-tap is easy to install (since no additional connector is required).

The ECLE SEE0501 claims to be capable of delivering up to 2500W of power, has a USB plug with auto-recognition technology to prevent the device from overheating, and is said to be the best material for dissipating heat.

We also wanted to prove this because we don’t have a large power electronics manufacturer to test the ECLE’s 2500W output. Finally, BukaReview tested this product by filling all available slots/sockets. Uses 4 USB slots to charge 2 smartphones (1 fast charge and 1 normal charge), 1 spare battery and 1 Bluetooth speaker. Meanwhile, using the 4 main sockets for the fan, mini fridge, air purifier, and television.

Auto ID clat technology is not just a claim, but has been proven to be able to charge 2 smartphones, 1 speaker, and 1 additional battery in optimal conditions even without fast charging technology. If so, the question about the claim that this socket can dissipate heat optimally also deserves your thumbs up. Because it has been proven that there is no significant increase in temperature. This multifunction socket does not heat up at all with all the slots.

open review

It is based on a short test over the course of a week. concludes that this ECLE multi-function socket is a smart choice, especially for those who hike and need an electrical plug that can be used to charge various gadgets as well as everyday electronic items such as refrigerators, laptops, or TVs. why? Due to good build quality, fairly complete functionality (automatic identification technology), and most importantly, low price. There is only one drawback, in our opinion. The USB slot doesn’t have fast charging yet, though it has a maximum output of 3.4A.

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