Easy Affiliate Marketing Strategy Profitable in 2022, Explanation

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The following is an  effective, easy and profitable affiliate marketing  strategy for sellers and companies in 2022.

1. Contact  influencers

Now there are many  celebgrams  and  influencers  who have opened collaborations to promote products. Contact  the right influencers  to increase  brand awareness  in the community. For example, by asking for product endorsements to Tiktok, Instagram, and other social media celebrities.

2. Curate  appropriate affiliates  or  affiliates 

From the number of people who register, a company can sort out again whether someone can become an  affiliate  or not. It is not uncommon for companies to peg the number of followers or average  views  to curate potential  affiliates . This is done where to filter, so as to increase profits.

Celebgram illustration. (Ruth Stefanie’s Instagram / @ruthstefanie)

3. Use various media to do  affiliate marketing

There are many social media and platforms to choose from for  affiliate marketing . It would be better if you use a variety of  platforms  so that  the campaign  is more optimal.

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4. Calculate the commission given to  affiliates

Each company can determine how much commission is given to  affiliates . For that, calculate exactly what percentage of commission you will get when a sale occurs.

5. Provide a written cooperation contract

So, Written cooperation contracts such as MOUs are sometimes needed. To prove that someone has joined as an  affiliate  in the company.

6. Determine the target to be achieved

To get maximum results, try to determine what targets in the matrix you want to achieve. For example, in the matrix of  leads , purchases, clicks , or other conversions.

7. Evaluate if the results are less favorable

There is nothing wrong with evaluating the marketing strategy used to optimize the company’s business. quoted from ekrut.com .

And, the following is  an effective, easy, and profitable   affiliate marketing strategy for affiliates  or  affiliates .

  • Choose a product that fits your content type
  • Do  affiliate  soft- selling 
  • Determine the appropriate social media
  • Develop your creativity when creating content
  • Give  an interesting review  but still be honest
  • Create content that aims to educate and not focus too much on the commission you get
  • Understand the conditions made by the company from the product you are promoting
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