Easy Affiliate Marketing Strategy Profitable in 2022, Explanation

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NewsUpdate — Affiliate marketing strategy has been growing lately, it can be said that  affiliate marketing  that is effective, easy and profitable is unique and can actually provide quite good results for affiliates .

So, maybe you have often heard this term on several  internet  platforms. Such as TikTok affiliate marketing  and  Shopee affiliate marketing .

Affiliate Marketing

Quoted from ekrut.com , affiliate marketing  is a marketing strategy with third parties where if other users buy products from a special link, the  affiliate  will get a commission.

Affiliate  is a term for those who promote products or third parties who market. The job of an  affiliate is to create interesting content to advertise products on their social media.

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Differences  Affiliate Marketing ,  Reseller , and  Dropshipper

In the world of commerce and marketing, there are three terms that are often considered the same but in fact they have different systems. The three points are  affiliate marketing ,  reseller , and  dropshipper . Check the difference below.

1. Affiliate marketing

As we are reviewing in this article. Affiliate marketing  is a marketing system that gives commissions to  affiliates  or people who promote a product from the company. The job of an  affiliate  is only to promote and will not lose money when there are no users who buy products from  affiliate links .

2. Reseller

Resellers  are businesses that can sell goods directly to consumers but must have their own stock. The advantage of this system is that a  reseller  can develop  marketing  ideas and methods that have been prepared by the distributor or product provider company.

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3.  Dropshipper

Dropshipper  is one solution to sell goods to consumers. Unlike a  reseller , a  dropshipper  does not need to have their own stock. The transaction system is also different. You will be a direct intermediary from distributors to consumers.

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How  Affiliate Marketing Works

Initially, an  affiliate  will choose which products to promote. After that, they will create content that describes the product. In addition, the description or  caption  column will also include a  link  to buy the product being promoted. The link  linked to the video has previously been set to be unique and traceable because this is where an  affiliate  and seller can find out how much commission and transaction they can get.

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Every company and seller has a different benchmark for calculating. When a user flow is considered a transaction. Most are measured by the number of purchases. The number of users who clicked on the link, or  the leads  that came from the link.

Advantages and Disadvantages of  Affiliate Marketing g

Each strategy certainly has its advantages and disadvantages, including  affiliate marketing .

1. Advantages

  • Practical, flexible and uncomplicated to do
  • Can be done without the need for capital
  • The products that can be marketed are quite diverse
  • There are no rules for being creative in making videos
  • Good source of income if done regularly
  • Tracking and promotion made quite easy for companies

2. Deficiency

  • Uncertain total transactions and leads
  • Not all companies and sellers are open to affiliate programs
  • Must attract the attention of users to want to buy the product through the  link
  • The affiliate trend is high enough that there are many competitors
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