Don’t Burn It! Invest In Gold When The Price Is Good

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The last week of May 2022 was quite a positive time for the Indonesian stock market. The Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) rose more than 3% to 7,071.97 in the last five days leading up to Tuesday’s trading (31 May 2022). This is good news for investors because the JCI has returned to the 7000 level.

JCI’s performance improved thanks to the strengthening of the stock index. From the beginning of the year to Tuesday, May 31, 2022, the JCI rose more than 6% (YTD). Meanwhile, the country’s stock index has outperformed 19% (y/y) over the past year. This could be a bullish signal for domestic stocks.

On the other hand, the price of gold has witnessed some very interesting developments. The purchase price of gold per gram last Tuesday was IDR 905797.06, according to data on the development of the gold price of BukaEmas. Meanwhile, the actual price of gold on was IDR 983,000 per gram, down IDR 2,000 per gram from the previous day.

Looking at the movement of gold prices last month, gold prices fell about 2%.

The fall in gold prices is the best time to buy gold. Now that the price of gold has dropped, it’s time to buy gold! Remember that gold is an attractive investment tool for hedging assets.

For more details, here are the economic news and market updates for the last week of May 2022.

Joint Indonesian and International Committee

By the end of May 2022, many of Indonesia’s investment assets including the stock market, bond market and Rupiah increased. JCI returned to the level of 7000, up 3.15% in the last five days until the first trading on the stock exchange on May 31, 2022. Positive momentum for the JCI was the net buying of IDR 1.4 trillion by foreign investors last Friday.

Meanwhile, the 10-year government bond yielded 7.0%, and the rupee rose to 14,500 won per dollar. The upward momentum of the JCI and various other investment assets can be a stimulus to increase the investment portfolio. So you don’t lose momentum. It’s time to invest in mutual funds!

why? Mutual funds are not only safer, their assets include stocks, bonds, and short-term financial markets. Just choose an equity mutual fund that invests 100% of its assets in the stock market. Therefore, an increase in the JCI will have a positive impact on this type of mutual fund.

gold with good price

Once again, the price of gold becomes very attractive for those who want to invest in it. A fairly low price can be a good time to start investing in gold or increase the amount of your gold investment.

In addition, gold prices are likely to rise again because there are still concerns about unstable geopolitical and market economic conditions. Gold is considered a safe haven investment and will shine during this time. What are you waiting for, invest in gold when the price is good here!

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