Create a Masterpiece, Don’t Switch Fields

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JUSTORE— Life is very short, humans have one calling / goal, there are two, there are three. But the average has one calling, one goal is to create a Masterpiece in life. Many people think how to make me successful or so that I can be rich so they make the words success and rich as an object, as an inanimate object.

Success for some people most people are objects or inanimate objects even though they are wrong. The famous rich success of that achievement is the subject of not inanimate objects but living things. The name is the subject of something living, they will come to you for a reason. Quoted from Youtube Channel 1 Day of Success .

This is the difference between object and subject, living things will come to you for a reason. Do you have benefits for many people. Do you have an impact for many people, it’s our job not to seek success, our job is to create Masterpieces. How can we have an impact on the people around us. And the success that was previously a subject will come by itself because we have made an impact and benefit for many people.

Create a Masterpiece

Masterpiece is taken from the word The Master first. We must become a Master in one field only and always invite all of us not to move.

No one asked me sir how to create a Masterpiece, simple to be the best, to be number one. If you become number one then success will come by itself. If we know people named Martin, Luther King, Mother Teresa, Steve Jobs, Cekma, Cristiano Ronaldo, Phillip petit, Melfice, they are people who focus on one thing.

It’s different if we do the same thing for a year we will get used to it. If we do the same thing for two years we will become experts. We do the same thing for three years we will be experts.

But after five years you do the same thing you will become a master. Be number 1 in the world, otherwise you can be number 1 in Indonesia. You can’t be number 1 in Indonesia, you can’t be number one in Jakarta, you can’t be number one in Jakarta, you can’t be number 1 in Bintaro. So you can’t be number one in Bintaro, you can’t be number two, you can’t be number two, work with number one in Bintaro.

It takes 2 energies to become a masterpiece of life’s goal

In life we ​​need two types of energy for us to create goal a Master around, we need two types of energy the first is support. We need people to like us, secondly we also need haters, we also need criticism. We also need to be attacked, so how do you get 2 energy.

Why do you need energy because if you are only hated you will be passionate about creating Masterpieces. Or you are only praised when you are arrogant and can’t create your Masterpiece. It takes two energies to be liked and not loved, praised and criticized, given input and cut off, supported

so make as many mistakes as possible, fall now rather than fall later. Creating an easy product makes a Masterpiece a lot. A state where you give up some of us. When we try a new thing, a new job, a new job or we create a new product.

When we get one rejection two rejections one failure two failures three failures. Try one day or one month we start to soften. I can imagine if we keep trying until we are 16 years old. And lie to us by pretending to be excited by talking. Tomorrow is the day”, as I have always said I believe there may not be a second person like Maleficent

People often stop when they are almost there to create a masterpiece

How to be able to move forward for the goal of life

The first tip is for us to survive like the Fisher brand. Come on we have to know when we are at the border every human has a limit in their life.

When and what are the signs that we are at the border

What’s the warning? That we’re standing on the border is easiest when you wake up. When you set the alarm at seven in the morning and the appointment at 08.00 you set the alarm to disturb in the morning. The night before you just stayed up late, you stayed up late watching football then couldn’t sleep and was very tired. Once the alarm sounds you have a choice

Five minutes to wake up or wake up immediately that choice appears from our alarm called snooze. Our cellphones can now give special options. Want to get up now or in five minutes if you are interested in five more minutes you press. When you have two choices to get up or in five minutes it is a warning alarm that you are standing at the border.

So if you are already standing at the border, you have a choice, whether you want to stay asleep or really want to. When suddenly there are two thoughts in our head stop or not. Yes, stop or continue. When there are two choices of angels and demons earlier, it is a warning that you are already standing on the border.


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