China Upgrade 4 Teknologi Canggih Pertanian Ini Untuk Visi “Made China 2025”

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talk about advanced agricultural technology China has become one of the leading countries that has been aggressively innovating its technology since the economic reform of 197880 the agricultural sector has become one of the priorities for reform in 2015 and then China has set a 10-year vision, namely made in China. upgrading China’s production sector , one of which is the agricultural production sector, this video will discuss some of China’s advanced agricultural technologies carried out for the Mein Sai nah 25 plan as information that the vision of made in China 25 is China’s 10-year plan since 2015 to upgrade technology advanced in 10 areas of Chinese production, how is one of them in agriculture where this 25 fiscina has received a lot of attention which reflects the fear of the United States and western countries towards China’s technological advances which will determine economic growth to be more impressive in the future. Watch this video until s finished so that you get full information from this content Enjoy watching published on the Open site mentioning that Chinese policymakers fully understand that the future of China’s agricultural sector lies in the modernization of agriculture and the key to advancing agricultural modernization lies in the development of technology upgrading of Chinese agricultural technology aimed at improving the quality and nutrition of crops which means teaching farmers How to maintain yields without using excessive fertilizers and pesticides China has articulated a vision for the future of agriculture by improving the quality of arable land by using high quality infrastructure and Agricultural Techniques along with the four latest agricultural technology upgrades that have been carried out in China’s agriculture so far the agricultural production sector produces stellar emissions by using fossil fuels as an industrial driver so that China continues to implement a number of the best energy policies.

The impact of building multiple sources of solar energy or solar power that is also integrated into agriculture reported by Bloomberg China is a world leader in joint land use between solar power and agriculture a field known as Agri voltage technology so that China’s agricultural voltage will be discussed in a special video reported.

from the BBC a region in Northern China is one of the locations where thousands of solar panels are being built integrated with this 248 hectare 100 megawatt solar panel farm built in the middle of a farm in the shape of a panda image interprets China as the land of Pandas but this is just a relatively small Solar Park According to Chinese standards, because in different places, many are still being built on a full metal scale, quoted from the document of the company that built this agricultural center, namely Panda Green Energy, which stated that the panel farm center was designed and built as an image of China’s national treasure.

This giant solar nel is not only used in agricultural applications but also for other energy needs , according to a circular from the Ministry of Agriculture in Beijing . The term integrated agriculture Solar has become a priority among agricultural officials. They want to use the expansion of solar power to subsidize the modernization of China’s agriculture and sector. massive cultivation as published by the China morning post reported from the website of the Chinese technology company Huawei reported that recently China mobiles mother partnered with Huawei to deploy the first Fauzi site in haven’t meet perfume in the linshop district this plantation covers an area of about 33 acres and co-founded by other Professors yubin of technology investment Shadow and Avenged Avenged a message of seed production this is a leading national exhibition on how modern, efficient agriculture can be integrated with future generations of ICT technology.

advanced technologies such as five-day image recognition, remote sensing and big data will be combined with a comprehensive information management system using a cloud farming platform . it can be applied to equipment such as crop protection drones and other crop protection machines as well as planting and watering The goal is to achieve safe operation reliable environmentally friendly and energy efficient applying advanced technology to agriculture to be closer to industrialization is one of Kaushan to become a modern society It is also an important step in achieving Self-Sufficiency and large-scale crop production at this time agricultural big data is shifting its focus from technological innovation to Fauzi application innovation with high bandwidth low latency and Massive connections aka n generate large amount of native data and enable equipment and machinery to be remotely controlled which will facilitate the evolution of smart agriculture more and more new technologies are being applied to agriculture such as mobile web internet of things big data image recognition and intelligent decision making agriculture is moving towards lean management and smart and digitalization with online agriculture the application of this technology has played an increasingly important role in increasing land yields, resource use and productivity China’s 2019-2025 digital and rural area development plan also includes rural digitization through the VCD network of this area the plan includes setting targets on By 2025 , China’s agricultural digital economy should account for 15 percent of China’s agricultural value added and the proportion of agricultural products sold online should also reach 15% .

It was reported that China did not issue guidelines to encourage investment. tation in 13 agricultural and rural sectors including robotic agriculture quoted from and China daily China wants robots and big data to drive rural revival China’s leader XI jinping has pledged to bridge China’s rural urban divide that has existed since the era of willing by opting for digital agriculture and robotics as a solution China has pledged to increase investment in its domestic agricultural industry as the country strives to prioritize long-term industries vital to national survival as more technology fields receive unprecedented levels of funding, one of which is exciting developments.

is Swamp Robotics a concept of using thousands of tiny robots to perform micro tasks on a macro scale their potential to cultivate large crops for example watering or harvesting can be of great help to farmers who work around the clock u in agriculture because of this Swamp Robotics technology will be discussed More Details on a separate video phim22 is one of the leading agricultural technology companies in China in the application of agricultural robotics technology it is reported that pinduoduo has increased its investment in agricultural technology in recent years [ Music] released by in recent years Ayoti’s artificial intelligence or big data technology and VJ technology have been aggressively used to accelerate the modernization of Chinese agriculture .

Large in China platform map or modern farming platform developed by China’s largest agricultural input company sinus m.ab culture operates in seven provinces with varying weather and geography for growing wheat, corn and other crops. This tem provides customized seed suggestions even planting and Weather Forecast with focused accuracy of one km2 to help sow spray watering and harvest the optimal type and amount of fertilizers and pesticides can also be calculated automatically according to crop varieties and other considerations besides farmers can check conditions humidity and temperature in realtime and even receive pest and disease warnings Dimas Padfone Through the Map application a remote sensing information model was developed by studying the relationship between plant hyperspectral data and high-quality domestic satellite imagery of bright agriculture after being established as part of the Chinese national development strategy research institute and database for agriculture to be bright after construction and more and more Local Governments are collaborating with research institutes and companies to provide informative lectures and technical support the government is also providing initiatives such as tax breaks k loans and subsidies to encourage farmers to adopt new agricultural technologies China believes that these policies and technologies can paint a rich future for the country’s farmers quoted from fresh plasa.

com Bright agricultural machinery is now seen in farmland across China with deep integration of water into agriculture jobs Agriculture is becoming smarter and more efficient while agricultural production modes are growing more effective for example unmanned operating systems are one of the most popular applications in agriculture 8 they can adapt to dozens of types of farming tools and allow agricultural machinery to perform tasks automatically in an accurate way day and night with modern farming platforms and smart farming technologies including down and satellite imagery and pattern modeling China can provide the support they need to farmers across the country turning farmers’ phones into tools and resources yes environmentally smart this transformation is already happening and will help Chinese farmers quickly jump into highly efficient modern farming techniques

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