Basics Starting a Business, Coach Hendra Hilman

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NewsUpdate — What are the preparations? What do we have to know? What are the things that we must learn, so we can create a strong business, and here it is Basics Starting a Business, Coach Hendra Hilman.

I assume that a business is like a tree. Right? The tree is shady. Let’s say it is a Banyan Tree. It’s so shady and its root is big strong.

Of course if we want to start a business, we must be clear and focus about how the tree image would look like, how big is our business would be. That’s what we call as vision.

So you have to imagine how would the image of your business would be. “I have a branch, I have a concept, I can make it online, I can have..” And so many other different images that you have for your business which right now is not formed yet.

So it is important that if you have a business, you must imagine its vision first. Okay? If you realize, the plane did not even exist. There was no cellphone. Right?

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So many thing that did not even exist back then. A book, a car did not exist. But people started to think from their imagination. They were thinking about a thing that can fly carrying people from one place to another.

Imagination Into Vision

Then it was created. From their imagination which turned to be a vision. Finally, a plane was created. So is your business. You have to think about the clear image about your business.

Maybe it’s something that doesn’t exist now, but will exist in the future. Okay. But, if we see a business, so this would be strong. Where does the strong tree come from?

If we plant, or if we sow the seed, what does the first thing appear? The first thing is the root, right? The root is the most important thing. This root is so important if you own a business. quoted from Youtube Channel Coach Hendra Hilman.

Ilustration. (Doc. flickriver)

It is What We Call as FOUNDATION.

There! If you own a business that has a strong foundation, the whole tree will be strong as well. But, if the foundation is not strong enough, the whole tree will be easily be shaken or even crumble down.

So the foundation must be strong. This foundation is the root. The root must be strong. So what is the foundation mean? Firstly, it is where you put your vision and mission.


Vision is something that maybe you haven’t got any idea about it yet. Still in your imagination, still in your dream. But, you really want to reach it.

For example, there’s a modern business right now. It was unimaginable by any concepts that through online we could access the people all over the world.

It was not exist, but is existing now. That all started from the vision. Vision is something that did not even exist could become exist.
Those are the basics of starting a business, continued.


A mission is, “What is your mission in this business?” For example, you own a business, let’s say a good modern business that’s happening nowadays,

let’s say . The owner had a mission to create a shop that sells almost everything. Literally everything. From small parts to the biggest things.

So it’s easier for the people to buy anything. That’s the owner’s mission. How to make people easier to buy any product at his shop that sells everything which is an online based.

That’s one of the missions. There’s is another company which has a vision that says, “I want the people who shop at my shop is at ease. Like going outside not more than 5 minutes to reach the shop.”

So the mission is to get closer to the customers, so it’s so easy if they want to buy everyday needs. Just spare 5 minutes time to reach the shop. And the shop is so comfy and everything there is easy.

So What is Your Mission For The Business?

There’s another company’s mission that says, “I want to educate the society and the country through learning center.” What’s your mission? It’s the most important. Not only vision, but also mission. What is the motivation? Okay?

Ah, wait! There’s another example of mission, so you can get a clearer explanation about it. Disney. Do you know Disney? Walt Disney had a mission which was,

“I want the people who play in my place forget that they already a grown ups.” “Because I make it comfortable for people to play around. It’s beautiful and refreshing.”

That’s important. Because most of adults are stress over their job and so on. They need a pretty place. That’s mission. It’s clear now about this vision and mission, right?

Secondly, the foundation consists of money or financial. It’s also one of the foundation. The point is, you have to know this in every business. At least you have a target.

The Target to Reach The Goal. How Much is it From Your Business?

For example, let’s say you have a mission to own an online shop that sells fashion stuff, products, and services. You have to know how much the turnover and the profit that you’ll get.

Example, you own a fashion business. You have this vision of having a fashion business. An online shop that sells clothes. You try it first. Try to buy from a marketplace.

You buy this cool clothes for only Rp. 35K. Then you go to your website and sell it for Rp. 55K. So the profit is Rp. 20K. A good start. quoted from Youtube Channel Coach Hendra Hilman.

Then you buy several kinds, 5 different kinds of clothes. You buy them. Let’s say you buy from the marketplace for Rp. 30K, Rp. 50K, Rp. 40K. You sell it on your website : Type 1, 2, 3. You sell the 30K for 90K, the 50K for 150K, the 70K for 200K.

Apparently, the profit is quite big. You can see the turnover from your website. Imagine you can get the big turnover from just 5 kinds of clothes. So this can grow big. You can calculate if you do it daily and consistently, how much the turnover potential that you can get. Only from selling clothes.

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