An Environmentally Friendly Electric Car With An Appetizing Design, Wuling EV

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Jakarta The automotive industry continues to innovate with increasingly sophisticated technological advances. In addition to thinking about high technology, car production is now also thinking about environmentally friendly and practical vehicles such as electric vehicles. For $3, Wuling never stops innovating with advanced features and designs that will make us all laugh and drool at the same time.

The Indonesian government is also concerned about a global problem: climate change and wants to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide-producing compounds that can pollute the environment. This vehicle starts with the car. So electric vehicle solutions can be good for the environment.

In line with the Indonesian government’s mission, Wuling-powered electric vehicles will become a premium product in 2022. The electric vehicles offered by Wuling are also very suitable for people who live in urban areas. The demands for a practical and fast-changing lifestyle as well as concern for the growing environment make Wuling’s electric vehicles the right choice.

Many young people today are looking to buy a house in the suburbs to acquire land to build a garage. Well, if you have bought a hatchback car, especially an MPV or SUV, parking can be a problem. The compact size of the Wuling EV definitely reduces the need for a long garage.

Wuling EV can also help reduce congestion thanks to its small size. In addition, the car is more maneuverable and can take up less free space for parallel parking.

The Wuling EV design with the G20 logo is exhibited for the first time and will be exhibited until June 5, 2022 at Laguna Atrium Central Park, Jakarta. You can see this car everywhere.

The front design of the Wuling EV looks futuristic and unique, and the Wuling electric vehicle prototype uses an extended horizontal line LED daytime running lights with chrome strips and black trim. The aesthetic design of the LED DRL has good aerodynamics. And the glowing Wuling logo on the front also adds a completely different modern feel to the rest of the Wuling lineup.

The futuristic rearview mirror that is shifted to the side has a floating design, but remains sturdy and gives a light impression. The aerodynamic cabin windows in the second row sharpen the futuristic elements of this Wuling electric vehicle. This unique window shape not only enhances the driving experience, but also makes it unique in appearance.

Overall, Wuling EV offers a compact and versatile design that is easy to use and drive, and allows consumers to park easily in various city traffic conditions. The technical body lines and simple two-tone color scheme harmonize well with this car, and it looks elegant.

In addition to bringing new colors, Wuling EV is suitable for creative and active users such as young professionals, fashion lovers, gamers or travelers. Of course, it is also very suitable for those who live an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

As a reference, Wuling EV has officially become the official automotive partner of the G20 Summit. 300 EV Wuling is ready to support your mobility needs during the G20 Summit activities. After that, all the equipment used in the event will be produced at the Wuling factory facility located in Cikarang, West Java. Isn’t that cool?

Who doesn’t drool at the sight of this tiny Wuling EV? Delivering a strong message in a unique and inspiring exterior, Wuling EV is a smart choice for today’s smart lifestyle. Master your world to create a new era of Ev!

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