A Viral Video That States That Jakarta Subway Users Cannot Use Their Cards When Exiting The Same Station, Along With An Explanation

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A video of users of the Jakarta MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) circulating on Tik Tok social media. This video was uploaded to this account on Sunday, May 6, 2022.

In the video, passengers claim to have difficulty getting off the subway station. This is because the MRT card cannot be used.

Previously, passengers traveled to and from Astora Station in Jakarta using the MRT.

The MRT card is prohibited from leaving the same station as the base station, so it is suspected that the card does not function according to the rules of use.

In the video, the uploader wrote, “How do you go back and forth on the Jakarta subway and not get out?”

According to the information in the video, the passenger was finally helped by police officers, but was still charged Rp 3,000.

As of Monday, June 6, 2022, this video has been viewed 303,800 times and liked 33,000 on Tik Tok.

Netizens’ reactions

Many TikTok account users commented on the video. Some of them claimed to have experienced something similar.

One account wrote, “Once, I was allowed to go out with my brother (officer) without paying, but I was told not to go to the same station.”

Another netizen commented, “The first time we got together, I was really embarrassed.”

Netizens commented, “It happened yesterday. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your help.”

One account said, “Yesterday was like this. I wanted to go up and down in ASEAN, but I wanted to go down again in ASEAN, but I couldn’t. Finally I got off in Blok M”.

So, is it true that the MRT payment card cannot be used for registration and benefits at the same station?

sir explain

Rendi Alhial, Head of the Jakarta MRT Corporate Secretariat (Perseroda), confirmed that MRT payment cards cannot be used at the same terminal. This means passengers have to click and tap on two different stations.

When contacted by , Monday (5 June 2022): “If you tap to enter via the HI Roundabout, for example, you can tap other stations such as Dukuh Atas.

The system automatically registers the MRT payment card when the passenger enters the initial terminal. This system is designed so that passengers cannot get off at the same station.

“(The goal) is so that people don’t abuse ticket prices. For example, he is at the station all day and he comes and goes at the same station,” explained Rende.

lord sir

According to a report from MRT Jakarta, MRT provides MRT flights that pass through 13 stations. The Jakarta subway lines currently operating pass through the following stations:

Passengers can choose their flight by selecting the departure and arrival stations. However, you need to make sure that the two terminals used are different.

Subway fares are adjusted according to the purpose of the passenger’s journey. The latest subway ticket prices can be found here.

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